Official email #2

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Huh? A bit out of order, wouldn't you say?  Turns out, it's his 2nd email to his MTC district, who he apparently didn't email last week after all. He CC'd us as a consolation prize. :-)

Some stories he shared:

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No "official" email this week...

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...says Elder Boling; he's neglected other people (like his MTC district) for a few weeks and wants to take time to write them. He did have lots of questions about the old car we aquired and are fixing up to fill in for another old car while it's in the shop.

How many questions can I possibly ask about one boring 200 dollar car?

Official Email #8: Transfers already???

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Companionship standing in front of the Denver temple

...on Transfer week, P-day is delayed until Thursday. Most of our awesome district is still together, including me. Elder Day went to Aurora, a biking area. How fun in zero degree weather! I am staying exactly where I was before, with a car, and I got a great companion named Elder Koopmans....Elder Koopmans is awesome. We are already great friends, and we only have known each other for a couple of hours.

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Official Email #7: Daily Schedule

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I've never known Alexander to be so excited -- downright giddy -- when he wasn't working on an electrical project. Come to think of it, I'm not sure that a room full of batteries, LEDs, and motors would get him as excited as his mission has. Truly, The Spirit giveth life!

His email was filled with praise, advice for each of his siblings, and information:

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Official Email #5

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Yesterday we got a nice meaty letter and a video call from Elder Boling!

The call came while Michele and most of the older kids were gone, but the little ones enjoyed eating dinner and talking to Elders Boling and Day at the same time.

From his letter:

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Still no bag

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Alexander sent a brief email Monday with a list of items he'd like us to send him, laughing at me for getting the car stuck a week ago, and asking about his aunt & uncle. Looks like he hasn't gotten his lost bag. Both he and Elder Day are looking forward to him again having "Real scriptures that I can use without my companion having to be able to see the screen all the time".

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