Official Email #7: Daily Schedule

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I've never known Alexander to be so excited -- downright giddy -- when he wasn't working on an electrical project. Come to think of it, I'm not sure that a room full of batteries, LEDs, and motors would get him as excited as his mission has. Truly, The Spirit giveth life!

His email was filled with praise, advice for each of his siblings, and information:

Dear wonderful, amazing, awesome, one-of-a-kind, unique, unparallelable, strong, righteous, extra most bestest FAMILY:

    Thank you so much for the keyboard! This is so awesome, I can type quickly, for long periods of time, without taking a break, and my fingers don't get sore at all.... Now I just need to go with it a wireless mouse, a 15in wireless monitor, a reverse USB-C external hard drive, a bigger RAM,... Oh well, I'll appreciate desktops a lot more when I get home. But thank you so much for making the phone a whole lot more bearable!

...To Miriana: ...
    Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your life at home:

  •     Get up no later than 6:30 and go to bed at 10:30 (if possible). It will make you healthy, wealthy, and wise.
  •     Run up to Woolford Road and back every morning possible. Running relives stress that you might not even realize you had. Plus it gives you exercise. You and other people will notice results about a week after you start running.
  •     Read the Book of Mormon (or at least a copy thereof) for 30 minutes every day. It helps your day go better.
  •     Read at least two pages of Preach My Gospel.

...  I'll correct myself before I fully have to eat my words: There is no reason not to go on a mission, unless the Lord tells you not to. ...
    And always remember, you are a beloved daughter of God. He loves you and cares for you more than you could possibly ever imagine. I love you too. I think you are a wonderful, awesome sweet sister, ...

    To Matthew, my favorite of all my brothers who are just younger than me: Elder Day was wondering why you were sending me the weather. Strange that I wasn't wondering. isn't a mistake. There really is a 73 degree drop. Yesterday was hot, right now there is half an inch of snow, and ice everywhere.
... To Shana: Keep up learning how to drive! Just wait until you get to parallel park the Subaru!

    To Liliana: You are an awesome sister! Stay that way! And go on a mission if you can.

    To Jonathan and Steven: Don't drop the water tray when you pass the sacrament. And also go on missions if you can.

    To William: Have you used the fort yet? Remember to keep it clean!

    To Kayliana and Ariana: Keep on being cute and giggley!

    To Joseph and Timothy: I love you and I miss you!

    About Christopher: Wow!

    Missionary life has been amazing! This is an example of how a normal day might go:

    6:30 We get up.
    6:30-9:00 We run half a mile, shower, have breakfast, and have personal study, which normally involves reading PMG and the BOM.
    9:00-10:00 Daily planning: We spend this time deciding where and when we need to knock doors. We also decide to  visit some less active members, and decide who we are going to teach.
    10:00 We start our day.
    10:15 We visit a less active. They aren't home. We will try by tomorrow.
    10:16 We knock around their neighborhood. We get a let-in who asks us to come back and teach them more!
    10:45 We visit another less active. They say "Go away and stop bugging us!"
    11:00 We knock around their neighborhood. No one even answers the door.
     12:00 We go to a person we are teaching and share the Plan of Salvation. They love it and want to learn even more.
    12:30 We go to our apartment and have lunch.
     1:00 We have companion study. We go over what we learned during personal study, and also study something else, such as reading out of the missionary handbook.
    3:00 Time flies, we finally get out of our apartment and go over to teach the Word of Wisdom to someone we have been teaching.
    3:30 We get there, and they say they aren't really intrested anymore. We get a little bit depressed.
    3:45 We go to a neighborhood we planned on going to during daily planning.
    3:48 The first door we knock on is a let-in! Yes!
    4:48 Exactly an hour later, we get another let in. That's two let-ins so far. The required standard is six per week, so this is great!
    5:06 A third let-in! Wow!
    5:30 We finish the neighborhood and move onto an apartment complex.
    5:50 A guy yells at us and calls us solicitors.
    6:30 We finish the apartment complex and get ready to go to dinner.
    6:39 We look ahead and see the railroad crossing arms coming down.
    6:41 The train finally starts crossing.
    6:45 Still waiting for the train... going about 2.36 mph...
    6:47 The train stopped across the road! Oh no!
    6:49 The train started again. 4.8 mph- so fast!
    6:51 The train passed! Yay!
    6:57 Tiwi says "Check Your Speed." Oops, better slow down.
    6:58:10 Red light... come on... we only have two minutes until dinner...
    6:59:20 Still waiting at the light...
    6:59:42 Green!!!
    6:59:46 Tiwi says "aggressive driving" for accelerating too hard. Oops!
    7:00:52 We got to dinner on time! Kind of.
    8:09 We finish dinner.
    8:30 We teach one last person.
    9:15 We head back to our apartment.
    9:30 We determine that it was a great day. We got three let-ins and taught two people we had previously taught!
    10:30 Bedtime!

    I love being on a mission! It is by far the most wonderful thing I have done in my life!

-Elder Boling

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