Official email #12 - Corona+Transfers! / March Madness

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Alexander got a phone call Tuesday morning...

...but I'll let him tell about it:

    So, to start out with, the work has been a little crazy. The only work we don't do from our phones is called "Chalkting", which is basically going out with a bucket of sidewalk chalk and writing inspirational messages on the sidewalk. So we are using our phones a lot more than we used to.

    We were told transfers would take a few days, since we weren't meeting up, but we had no knowledge of anything else.

  I got a phone call on Tuesday morning saying "Elder Boling, could you be ready in an hour to go to Denver?"

    So here I am down in Denver on bike. I am able to use a mission bike right now, so you don't need to send me one yet. Not that bikes make much of a difference, with how few places we go now! :) I was lucky enough to get Elder Ogden as a companion, and we love it here so far! Plus, I'm finally not a greenie anymore!!!

    I just emailed a returned missionary from this mission, and they said "You will love Denver! The people are crazy but that is what make it fun!" So I'm really looking forward to the next few weeks, maybe months, while I'm here.

    We get an apartment of our own, but it doesn't have a washer and dryer, so we have to go to the ZL's apartment to do our laundry

The mission also sent us a sample of this week's agenda for "March Madness", one of their attempts to add a little interest to the routine of all those missionaries stuck in their apartments.

Later, from a Hangouts chat:

We got a car!
It's only a Malibu, but it's a car! We think we have it permanently, we will find out later, but for now, we have a car!!!
We just found out a few minutes ago.

-not that they have anywhere to go. :-)


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