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Tuesday, we went bowling. I somehow managed to bowl three strikes in a row.
Every time I type the word "bowling", I instinctively capitalize it...

This week they had a nice discussion in the really sketchy apt. complex mentioned last week:

we were in a lesson with KK, when her next door neighbor came up and expressed interest in studying with us. We introduced the Book of Mormon to him, and he started reading it right then and there, and asked questions about it! He also volunteered to take KK to church because she doesn't have a ride.

He and his companion came up with a novel camera view for the birthday greeting that they recorded for the mission-wide compilation for President Larkin's special day:

We taped my phone to the inside of the dryer, turned it on, and stuck our heads in

I suggested taping a chunk of radium opposite so they could have a homebrew CT scanner.

Another food report:

...the most amazing chicken alfredo I've ever had - it was made lasagna / enchilada style (the filling rolled up inside lasagna noodles), and whatever seasonings they used were heavenly.


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