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Tuesday was just one of "those days" where every house we knocked on either no on answered, or they rejected us. It was also really hot - it was the hottest it's been ever since June. (why was June the hottest month this year? I hath no idea.)

Wednesday was good. Elder Alohan and I were out walking, and helped a kid put his chain on his bicycle (I'm thankful that I always carry gloves with me), then saw a lady placing small concrete edger blocks around her flower bed. I went up to ask her if she wanted any help, but she only spoke Spanish. So to be able to communicate my intentions with her, I got my gloves out, put them on, and gestured that I wanted to help. She understood, but kindly declined the help. Afterwards, we found a new person to teach, then went to a referral's house, and had a Restoration lesson!

Thursday, we went on an exchange. I went to Elder Crowther's area. Elder Crowther and I were teaching a Plan of Salvation lesson to this one couple, and we were in the middle of extending a baptisimal invitation to them, when we saw some guys in white shirts and ties outside, coming up onto the porch. Yep, the J-dubs knocked on the door, in the middle of our baptisimal invitation, totally disrupting the Spirit that was there. They didn't come inside; the husband stepped out onto the porch for a few minutes and talked with them.

Friday, Elder Crowther and I had a lesson on the Restoration. It went decently well. In the afternoon, there was a mission wide meeting (most attended on Zoom) with Elder Piper and Elder Alonzo from the Area Presidency.

We had two lessons scheduled for Saturday morning. One of them cancelled just as we were heading out the door for it. The other one talked to us through the RIng doorbell and said that she wasn't interested anymore. In the afternoon, we had some service with the rest of the district. We were helping a lady clean up her back yard - there were a lot of cut limbs and such. Elder Alohan and I then went straight to another service helping a ward member move in. We were helping them move a couch, a few mattresses, and some very large boxes up three flights of stairs. Honestly, I think that was the lightest couch I have ever carried.

This past couple of weeks, I finally got around to gluing in some pages in my scriptures. And by "finally", I mean I should have done some of them back when I was in Primary.

Elder Crowther and I walked into the gym at the church while were on exchanges, and for the first time in forever, there was coolness in the air. The A/C has been broken in the gym for a long time, but someone finally fixed it!

And... speaking of being cooler, as of tonight, the low temperatures here are supposed to be down in the 60s. I haven't seen them that low ever since April! The lows have been in the 70s for the last five months.


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