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On Monday, we went to the University of Houston to go bowling. There was a group of about ten or so of us from this mission, and some other missionaries from the Houston mission there. The University of Houston is just outside of the mission boundaries, but President Larkin has given standing permission that we can go there on P-day, as long as we come right back into the mission boundaries. The reason we went to the UoH? It's cheaper there than at a normal bowling alley.

Thursday, we had another food bank service much like the one a few weeks ago, except it was at a different place / different organization. We were sorting good/bad produce (I spent a good deal of time sorting out a tote full of tangerines), and boxing/handing out the good produce.

Matthew reported that his portable keyboard has been dropped twice and is missing keys, making it more difficult to type.

Last weekend was stake conference.

in between sessions, all the missionaries in the stake "blitzed" Baytown. When missionaries blitz an area, it means that missionaries go to another missionary's area and work there for a few hours, usually trying to find people to teach. It has nothing to do with military aerial bombardment, although that would be an exciting way to preach the gospel.


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