Email 49: fishing

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My obsessed with fishing. Whenever we pass a pond, creek, or even a drainage ditch with water...

...I just have zero interest in fishing. It is just so boring for me. Then I figured out how to have fun. I intentionally got my hook snagged out near a muddy peninsula, then I spent 20 minutes or so trying to get my hook unsnagged. It was much more fun very carefully walking out onto the peninsula trying not to get my shoes too muddy, [than] fishing...

...we talked to a guy...[who] believes that he is [himself], God, Satan, Selena Gomez, the Devil, and every girl that ever existed, currently exists, and will exist in the future. He's a strange guy.

Yesterday our family's travel was delayed by traffic congestion caused by a vehicle fire. Michele sent Matthew a picture of a fully-engulfed jeep. He replied w/ a Google Maps screenshot that he took yesterday, saying he wondered what the cause of our traffic was. So Matthew. Gee, if he was watching our traffic from TX, it would've been nice if he could've warned me so I could have avoided that section of freeway. :-)

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