Email 43: Pests 2

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Sunday night, I didn't sleep that well for some reason. On Monday, we got rid of another swarm of ants.
Monday night, I didn't sleep well again. So on Tuesday morning, I took nap number one.
...Tuesday afternoon, I took nap number two.
Tuesday night, I didn't sleep well again. Wednesday morning, I was on a false "high". I didn't feel tired, but by the time afternoon cycled around, I was feeling nauseous every time I moved because I was so tired. So I took nap number three.

Thursday, I figured out why I haven't been sleeping well.

It's the itching on my legs from the chigger bites. I'm constantly waking up because I itch. Funny thing is, it only really itches at night. So I keep a tube of anti itch cream right next to my bed, and when I wake up, I slather some of that on and go back to bed.

Thursday morning, Elder Runia and I had some service for this lady named Ingrid. She told us to wear long sleeves in case of poison ivy. Sounds fun, right? You either get poison ivy, or yout are working in the sun, in the humidity, in longsleeves, when it is approaching 100 degrees. Fortunately, neither of us got poison ivy.
Then we went on exchanges. I went up to Livingston with Elder Beyeler (my companion in Woodville).

Early Friday morning, I woke up to the worst itching yet. My shins felt like they were infested with maggots because it itched so badly. It felt like my skin was crawling around. Fortunately, I brought my anti itch cream with me. So I slathered about half a gallon of that stuff on (well, perhaps not quite that much, but definitely the most I remember ever using in one go) and went back to sleep.

Friday afternoon, we had a blitz with the Zone Leaders. ...I was with Elder Rydalch (my MTC companion).

Friday evening, we had a baptism!

An observation reguarding our 2019 family trip around the country:

going from our Airbnb in Spring...we would have driven down US-59 / I-69, which cuts right through our area and ward boundaries.

And, of course, he provided maps & coordinates for us.

If I were at home, I would make some sort of overlay, but alas, I don't have the ability to do it on my mission.



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