Email 40: Cleveland

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Elder Scott is staying in Vidor, and my new area is Cleveland. My new companion is Elder Runia, and is the first one that is originally from Utah!

It took me nine companions to get one from Utah. But, he is continuing the streak of all of my companions besides my trainers starting their mission after me. We are staying in one side of a duplex, along with the Spanish Elders. Kind of reminds me of The Best Two Years, with four of us living together. Someone else rents out the other side. Cleveland ward is split into two missionary areas - Elder Runia and I have the Cleveland North, and a set of Sisters cover Sleveland South.
Our car is a 2022 Nissan Rogue. It really stinks when it has been sitting in the sun for a while.

Wednesday, Elder Runia was bitten by a dog. The bite wasn't bad, but according to the rules, we had to go to Urgent Care to make sure that there wasn't any chance of rabies. We sent to one urgent care place, and they didn't take his insurance. We went to another urgent care place, one recommended by the first, but at that one, he had to pay $100 for some reason. Animal control, insurance, and the medical clinic all wanted Elder Runia to press charges against the owner of the dog. It was a mess.

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