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After his temple trip last week, Matthew wrote a poem (sung as an extra verse to the primary song):

I love to see the temple
I went inside today.
I did my Father's work
Tuesday, the tenth of May.
For the temple is always so great
I can't wait to go again.
As I traveled home I felt the love
from God and from these great men.

(The last line refers to those pictured in last week's photo.)

Some events of interest:

  • Pushing someone's car to a gas station
  • Watching his companion "like usual, spent several hours videochatting with his family. ...I don't see how I could talk with my family for several hours at a time, every week."
  • Helped an older couple move. "The lady passed out three times during the move, which is apparently normal for her."
  • Zone conference. " Elder Alonso, the visiting Seventy (spoke in General Conference twice) was there."
  • Had a previously-commited investigator drop them because she wasn't willing to put forth the effort to stop smoking -- she'll quit if the urge disappears.
  • Got smoked out while helping a city-dweller who decided that the way to keep a fire small wasn't to slowly feed it fuel, but rather to keep watering it to cool it down

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