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Matthew wrote on a day where I awoke at 4AM to a power outage and had to trudge through deep snow(!) to switch the house over to battery. By noon we had 14" on the ground. He, on the other hand, woke up to 70 degrees -- soon raised to upper 70's & rain -- and isn't anxious for summer!

I feel like a lot happened this week, but looking over my journal to see what happened, I don't really see much.

Monday, we played Pasture Golf. Basically, you play in field-type conditions, and you just have to get the ball within a club's length of the flag. At the first flag, I was the last one to get to the flag. As time went on, I improved, and at the last flag, I was suprised to see myself be the first one to reach the flag.

. . .

President Ross said that my parents "did a mighty fine job" of raising me.


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