COVID-19 Measures / Car Switch

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Ths mission has sent several emails to reassure parents and notify them of the status of their missionaries. In the latest email, we learned that all of the missionaries are staying home and teaching lessons “virtually” with video chat, or participating in outdoor activities and keeping a distance from other people. Dinners are to be cooked (no raw produce) and delivered to them by members, with a video visit afterwards.

Alexander also called yesterday to ask for his SSN, after a cascading series of events: The mission switched cars between two areas. His apartment complex tracks residents' vehicles to help with policing assigned parking spots; this required them to report the change. Unfortunately, they're not the same two young men whose names are on the apartment lease, and the management wigged out a bit. Aparently they're not used to corporate renters (and the fact that the mission pays the rent every month didn't comfort them) and they didn't know how to deal with changing tenants.

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