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Yay, Matthew finally got to go to the Johnson Space Center! A brother drove 2 sets of missionaries down there on P-Day.

It was smaller than I imagined, but still good.

Misc. events: He successfully registered for school classes (within 10 minutes of it opening). He found himself overdressed for his "freezer" service because he was actually assigned to a 38-deg fridge; he enjoyed an occasional trip to the freezer to cool off. He had to hang around outside a dinner appt's house while her husband went to Home Depot for a part, and she didn't have dinner ready for 2.5 hours. (Good thing[?] they didn't have a teach appt.)  They went to talk to Tayke about his aborted baptism, but met and taught his friend instead.

Injuries of the week: one of the sisters broke a rib and was late to district mtg.; an elder discovered that leaning on a fence when warned that the dogs bite is a bad idea; and fortunately Matthew's video proof that oven spray makes poor wasp spray didn't actually end in him being stung.


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