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No "typical" day this week either!

So I'm going to pick a date this week, and log that day, no matter what happens. I pick Thursday the 18th, and in my next email, you will see an accounting of that day.

Monday they ended up having to schedule two appts. at the same time (a novelty there) so had the ZLs "blitz" with them. Matthew expected that it would be the last time he got to drive a car, but the next day the mission pres. called to say they were getting a car because of his comp's medical problems. Wednesday they hitched a ride w/ the ZLs to get the car and went to his comp's dr. appt., then had to get permission from the car coordinator to take a toll rd home so they could make their dinner appt. w/ "an old couple from Ireland (complete with Irish accent) that remind me a lot of the Pistors."

Thursday, we went up to the Montgomery County Foodbank and did some service there. I chose to stay in the cooler and pack boxes with produce, rather than be out in the hot warehouse making the boxes.

He may have to see the dr. himself if this keeps up:

 Friday a week ago, my left foot started hurting for some unknown reason, and it hasn't really stopped hurting since. Running around for a couple hours playing frisbee might not have been the best idea, because afterwards, it hurt a lot more, I could feel tendons or whatever rubbing past each other that shouldn't normally do that, and if I were to give a sound effect to the other funny feeling in my foot that happens whenever I move it, it would be "squish". I don't know what's wrong with my foot, but I do know that it shouldn feel like it goes squish whenever I move it.

Speaking of "squish", while we had a heatwave here, it rained enough to cause minor flooding there. Sunday he played for primary in both of the wards that he covers. One ward picked a song (for their fall program?) that was completely unfamiliar to him and was only available commercially, and even after a lot of practice , he couldn't get it; finally, he downloaded a video and listened until he got it in his head, and ad-libbed the accompaniment.

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