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Last week, I was posed the question of what does a typical day in the life of a missionary look like. I decided to do it the same way Alexander did it on his mission, basically logging the entire day, including timestamps and driving violations (if we had a car).
...that was right before a very un-typical week; so untypical that I decided that none of the days were normal enough to log it. So that might have to wait until next week.

I got a new companion....We've been wanting to be each other's companions for the last 15 months, ever since we first met each other....Wednesday, [he] was sick, so we didn't go out at all....he currently has two unrelated medical issues that makes it hard to bike. One of them is that he has been super low energy ever since he got his appendix out a few months ago, so he's been napping several hours a day to get enough sleep. What do I do during that time? I get lots of scripture reading done. We haven't really been able to do all that much this week, hence why the "typical day in the life of a missionary" will have to wait until next week.

Friday, I took advantage of the time spent at home, and had a zoom meeting with my Faculty Mentor at BYUI, so that I could register for classes when the time comes (it's required for my degree). Saturday, we had a surprise visit from one of my previous companions


It got into the 90's over the weekend (feels like temperature into the hundreds), but it's supposed to be a little cooler this week. It looks like there's a chance that it might be warmer in Kalama than Houston next weekend.

Last week, we received an online media referral, so we've been trying to call and text them and stop by in-person. Then a ward member sent us a screenshot of a social media post from that person that we were trying to stop by:

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