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Doorbell descriptions from this week's letter:

  • Friday, we rang a doorbell that went dong-ding instead of ding-dong.
  • Saturday, we rang a doorbell that stuttered when it went ding-dong.
  • Sunday, we rang a doorbell that flashed instead of going ding-dong...
    (the person that lived there was mostly deaf).
  • Monday, we rang a doorbell that didn't ring at all (it was broken).

Nothing newsworthy in the missionary work; the only interesting things were the distractors.

He drove to two physical therapy appts for his wrist this week (at 3 hrs a trip -- all the way back to Beaumont), and had to get a smog inspection for their car (which only took 30min -- a speed record for Firestone!) He also killed time P-day talking to BYU-I again because they didn't re-open his financial aid form as they said they would so he could make a correction. Got home and found their water shut off AGAIN. I don't think he'll miss that aspect of this area.  Oh, at his wrist appts., he said that they used ultrasound to break up scar tissue. He assured us that they didn't find any babies.

Lots of food activity, too. He & his comp. made pumpkin pie for pie day. He also baked banana bread. People gave them gift cards for Subway and Taco Bell; at the latter, he took a $1 burrito, added EVERYTHING to it to make it about $15 (it took two people to roll it up) and chowed. His district went to Sam's Club for their last lunch together.

Yes, their last lunch. He's being transfered back to Spring Stake, where he started his mission. This time he's covering the Oaks & Legends wards.

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