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Matthew's been spending P-Days preparing for his return to school, and battling BYU-I over class transfer credits. (Transferring credits from LCC has been a problem for all 4 kids who have applied.)

Last transfer, Sister Gerstner was working on BYUI stuff, and when she left, she still didn't have housing, so she joked that she might just have to live in a tent... Shana, I'm sure she'd love a roommate; let me know if you're interested in saving money by not having to rent an apartment.

This week Matthew and his companion encountered a new "golden":

She is the most prepared person that I have ever met on my mission - she had a member friend give her a Book of Mormon a while back and studied it with her, but then her friend became too busy. So when we knocked on her door and offered to talk about the Book of Mormon, she was excited at the offer.

They also found a like-new chair and a mirror left by the side of the road to be taken, so nabbed them for the apt. -- coincidentally, the same week that the kids back home also found a like-new chair that a neighbor put out, and brought it home.

sitting in new chair


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